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Day insurance for MX-training (English version)

Day insurance for MX-training

This insurance makes it possible to practice on a MON-circuit when you don't have a valid MON-yearlicense for 2022. This ticket is also valid for club-competitions, but not for the races for our Dutch Championship.

This ticket has to be purchased before riding. In the section below you have to make sure you put in the date you want to go riding and the circuit where you are going.
The rider must be 5 years old for this day-insurance for training, that is the minimum age.

After you checked all the boxes in the next pages on the website, you can pay your ticket. After successful payment, you receive an email with a code. The circuit where you are going to ride will check this code, so make sure you can show this at the entrance.

IMPORTANT: The ticket (day insurance) must be registered with the name of the driver. This means that every driver must purchase a ticket with their own MON-account.